13th century Sivalingas in a state of neglect


In all, five Sivalingas dated back to 13th century were found in a state of utter neglect at Tripurantakam, a temple town located on Guntur- Kurnool highway in Prakasam district. The five Lingas locally called as Panchalingas, carved out of black granite stone represents Kakatiya style of Art.

Dr E Sivanagi Reddy, CEO, Cultural Centre of Vijayawada and Amaravati, visited these neglected heritage precincts as part of the scheme ‘Preserve Heritage for Posterity’.

Dr Reddy in a statement on Thursday said that the Lingas are losing their antiquity due to exposure to Sun and rain for several centuries. He also said that most pilgrims reaching Tripurantakeswara Temple through the Ghat road miss these historical Lingas, as they are surrounded by thorny bushes and thick vegetation.

He informed that the historical Lingas set in beautifully carved Panavattas are arranged in such a way that the bigger one is the centre and one on each corner of the four directions.

Dr E Sivanagi Reddy, who is a Heritage activist appeals to the authorities of the Tripurantakam Temple, Endowments and Archaeology and Museum Departments to look into the matter to protect and preserve the site by cleaning the debris all-around and erecting a shed over the Sivalingas.



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