After Bengaluru’s Varthur Lake, Toxic Foam From Hyderabad Drain Spills Onto Road


Kukatpally: Much like Bengaluru, the residents of Kukatpally area of Hyderabad woke up to scenes of toxic foam overflowing on to the roads on Friday.

As pre-monsoon showers hit the city, the toxic foam spilled from the drain in Dharani Nagar. There was panic among locals after the flying froth reached their homes.

Angry residents blamed the government for the alarming situation. “We face this problem every year. But now it has aggravated. Chemical factories have been dumping their waste which causing the crisis. We have repeatedly complained but nothing has changed. Now it is posing serious health concerns for the people.”

Officials said samples have been collected and an inquiry has been ordered.

Similar to Bengaluru, where Varthur lake has been spilling foam now and then, lakes in Hyderabad and nearby areas too are also facing the problem of being polluted with industrial waste.

In September 2016, Hyderabad’s iconic Hussain Sagar lake also became a victim. The increased toxic level and deadly cocktail of pollutants led to a part of the lake frothing, and that too right outside the office of the municipal corporation.

On January 25, 2017 a road was blocked and the traffic came to a halt in Yadadri District after toxic froth overflowed from Musi river.

The Telangana government has allocated thousands of crores of rupees for cleaning of Hussain Sagar Lake and Musi river and improving the condition of water bodies in the state. But on ground, the situation continues to be grave.



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