An eggy affair! After plastic, now fake eggs sold in Odisha!

fake eggs sold

Baripada: After plastic eggs controversy shook the state in recent past, news about fake eggs being sold in Odisha markets have taken everyone by surprise. According to an OTV revelation, Fake eggs are being rampantly sold in Baripada of Mayurbhanj district.

The fake eggs which are conspicuously larger than normal ones and show different characteristics when light is made to pass through it were noticed by a customer.

Sanjay Palbabu, a resident of Baripada, found at least seven eggs that he brought from the market emitting foul smell. The eggs did not even boil properly.

On inspection, he found that the eggs were manually prepared by joining two halves of some substance.When light passed through the egg, it showed a midline running all over the circumference. Also, the yolk which should fill most part of the egg was not completely formed.

“The egg was not smooth and it seemed as if it had two halves being joined manually. After we boiled the eggs we found that it also emitted foul smell,” Dipa Palbabu, Sanjay’s wife told mediapersons.

However Baripada Food Food Safety Officer Paramanand Singh said they have not received any complaint regarding the issue. “We will inspect and if necessary send the samples for laboratory testing,” he added.



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