Bharath lonely in death, Ravi Teja skips last rites

Ravi Teja skips last rites of Bharath

HYDERABAD: Actor Ravi Teja did not attend his brother Bharath’s funeral at the Jubilee Hills Mahaprasthanam on Sunday, in spite of him being in the city. He did not see the body at the Osmania General Hospital mortuary too.The body was taken straight from the mortuary to the crematorium.

Except for Ravi Teja’s younger brother Raghu, none of the other family members came for the last rites. Actor Uttej, who is close to Ravi Teja, said the family was too shocked at Bharath’s sudden death. They avoided attending the last rites as they were having difficulty coming to terms with the loss and the condition in which Bharath’s body was found in. The car, which Bharath was driving was registered in the name of his mother Rajyalakshmi.

Ravi Teja is said to be close to his family . He had recently posted a picture of himself, his son and also his father Raj Gopal Raju on social media.His bond with his brother is said to be the reason for him not attending the funeral, which would only exacerbate his sorrow.

It is learnt that the 46-yearold Bharath, who was said to be not married, was living separately in a flat at Madhapur for the last four years. Ravi Teja lives at Filmnagar. The last rites were performed in a haste as the body was neither taken to Ravi Teja’s nor to Bharath’s own flat.

Bharath had followed his elder brother Ravi Teja into the film industry. Ravi Teja began his career in films doing small roles and later became a major hero. Bharath was able to get some roles, but all of them have been character or supporting roles.

Some of the films of which he was part were `Ready’, `Aa Mugguru’, `Jump Jilani’, `Rama Rama Krishna Krishna’, `Okkade’, Athade Oka Sainyam’, `Peda Babu’ and `Dochai’. At the Mahaprastha nam where the cremation took place, actor Uttej oversaw arrangements. Actors Raghu Babu, Ali, Jeevitha, a few producers and people from the film industry as well a close friends attended the funeral. Bharath’s friends were reportedly informed that the body would be taken directly to the mahaprasthanam and kept there for half an hour so as to allow anyone who wanted to pay their respects to come there and do so.



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