E3 2017: Latest news, predictions, start time and what to expect

E3 2017

The Electronic Entertainment Expo – E3 for short- has technically begun. The video games industry’s biggest big ticket event takes place in Los Angeles from June 13-15. Excited about what’s coming? Here’s what to expect from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo

The Electronic Entertainment Expo – E3 for short- has technically begun. The video games industry’s biggest big ticket event takes place in Los Angeles from June 13-15.  This is where the big players in the industry show off the latest game titles, hardware and other news. E3 2017 will be open to the public this year. Up until now the conference has been reserved for industry and media attendees.

So while the video game conference is kicking off next week, early announcements from hardware manufacturers and publishers start to really show up a little early.  EA has already held its EA Play press conference, but plenty of big announcements from the likes of  Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have yet to be confirmed.

Excited about what’s coming? Here’s a quick look at what has been announced so far at E3 2017, the latest rumours and the full schedule for the event.

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (EA) held its EA Play event ahead of E3 to announce a selection of games.  EA showed off FIFA 18, Star Wars Battlefront II, and Need for Speed: Payback. It also had some surprises as well – in the form of a brand-new game from BioWare called Anthem and a prison break game called A Way Out.


We’re just hours away from Microsoft’s keynote, and the company is expected to steal the limelight at this year’s E3.  Microsoft will shed light on “Project Scorpio”, which the company claims will be the world’s most powerful home console ever made. The Xbox Scorpio will be a super charged version of the Xbox One that the company promises to run games in 4K and at a 60fps. Additionally, it will have eight custom CPU and 12GB RAM. That put the console ahead of the PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of raw power.

Microsoft says all existing Xbox One and backwards compatible Xbox 360 games will run  smoothly and load faster on the next-generation console. It will also work with virtual reality headsets. Project Scorpio, first unveiled at last year’s E3, is the console’s codename and is due to be released this autumn. According to a recent report, the console is expected to cost $399 (or approx Rs 26,691). We’re also going to see a number of new games for both Xbox One and Project Scorpio at the show.

When launched, Project Scorpio will be Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro which is an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4 and costs $399. The latest sales stats suggest Sony’s PlayStation 4 is leading over Microsoft’s Xbox One, as the Japanese company has managed to sell 60 million units since the console launched three and half years ago. Not just Sony, Microsoft will be facing stiff competition from Nintendo, which launched its hybrid Switch console in March and has been in short supply ever since.

Microsoft’s keynote is happening on Sunday, June 11, at 2 pm PDT (2:30 am IST on June 12)


While Sony may not have a new console to unveil like Microsoft, the company will likely to focus entirely on the games, both for the PlayStation 4 and PS VR. The big title for this year has to be the new God of War, which was first announced at last year’s E3. We’re already anticipating to see the Destiny 2 beta release date will be announced during the Sony’s E3 briefing. And it seems almost certain to see more on Spider-Man, Gone Days, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, The Last of Us 2, and Death Stranding.

With Sony already unveiled the PS4 slim in Gold and Silver, the company might announce a permanent price cut, or maybe a new bundle. We’re also expecting to see a real push forward from Sony with a $100 price cut on the PlayStation 4 Pro, which rivals Microsoft’s Project Scorpio.

On the virtual reality (VR), Sony will likely to announce a new PlayStation VR bundle at E3 2017. We may get to see a new peripheral being announced for the PS VR. Last week, Sony revealed it sold 1 million units of the PlayStation VR headset.

It doesn’t seem likely that we will see the successor to the PlayStation Vita. The PlayStation Vita still sells in Asia, but the answer to Nintendo 3DS  has failed to captivate consumers’ attention in the US and Europe. In an interview with Time, Shawn Layden, who heads Sony’s global game development, suggested that we wouldn’t see a PS Vita 2 any time soon, due to the bleak response received to the PlayStation Vita.

Sony’s press conference takes place on Monday, June 12, at 6:00 PM PDT (6:30 am IST on June 13).


Nintendo doesn’t hold a press conference during E3 anymore – but it will be hosting a Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017 video presentation. The company will mostly talk about its Switch console and the upcoming game titles. Nintendo has revealed that Super Mario Odyssey will be playable on the show floor for the very first time. Nintendo will likely to talk about Splatoon 2 and ARMS for the Switch. And of course we expect to hear some news about the 3DS.

Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017 video presentation, will be live streamed on Tuesday, June 13, at 9:00 am PDT (9:30 pm IST)

Ubisoft, Activison, and Bethesda 

Ubisoft is riding high on the success of the Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wildlands, and the publisher will likely to to about  Far Cry 5 and a new Assassin’s Creed game. Both titles will be big, for sure.

Meanwhile, Activision will be showing off  some new titles including Destiny 2 and  Call of Duty: WW2. And yes, we can always expect the unexpected.

Bethesda is still new to the E3 madness, but you’d expect some big titles to be showcased for the first time. We might expect to see an open-world science fiction title called Starfield, although details are limited for now.  Bethesda has already confirmed that Fallout 4 VR will be released for PC on HTC Vive, though the release date is still unknown. We also expect to see Doom VR to be shown off along side Fallout 4 VR.



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