Forget sharing your data with banks, in Goa you need to share Aadhaar for paid sex


It appears that if you want to pay for sex in Goa, you need to show pimps an Aadhaar card, as a group from the capital discovered, as reported by The Times of India.

According to the report, the men, who were there for a bachelor party, contacted someone to make enquiries for five girls.

The contact soon reverted, demanding that they share their Aadhaar details via WhatsApp, and a photo of their room keys with the hotel tag.

The report added that pimps are doing a background check to see if customers aren’t police decoys, as flesh trade in India is illegal.

In 2010, 10 people were arrested after police raided a discotheque at Candolim village. The crime branch raided the disco following a tip off about the flesh trade that was being run by employing girls from Mumbai.

Another Times of India published in February this year, added that post demonetization, flesh trade had dropped in several parts of the country, particular Goa, but activists pointed that pimps had found a way out and the industry was back on the rise.

With Goa’s tourist season at its peak, with the year coming to an end, the police will be on high alert to bust similar rackets.



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