Harveys all over, also in India: Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

NEW DELHI: Amid growing outrage over Harvey Weinstein scandal involving actresses who have gone public claiming abuse by the Hollywood Mogul, Priyanka Chopra weighed in on the notorious “big boys club” everywhere, including India, at an event in the US on Thursday.

When Chopra was asked by the interviewer if she had faced any sexual harassment in her career, she replied saying she felt this wasn’t a problem restricted to just the film industry, and that it was more about a man’s domination of women.

“How many of you, at some point in your lives, have felt a powerful man at your workplace trying to intimidate you?” Chopra asked for a show of hands. Counting that only a few hands, she said, “That’s the world we should be living in.”

“It’s not about sexuality. It’s not even about sex. I think it’s about power. I think it’s about taking power, feeling powerful and feeling macho. Putting a woman in her place. A woman should sit… be in her lane. ‘She needs to be put in her place because that’s what makes me feel powerful’,” Chopra said.

Asked if there’s a Harvey Weinstein in India, Chopra chose to be more philosophical. “I don’t think there is ‘a’ and I don’t even think honestly that there is only ‘a’ Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood.

“I think there’s a lot more out there. There are a lot more men. There will be a lot more stories that (could) come up, and I think that happens not just in India but all over the world. It’s just the power of a man trying to take away a woman’s power,” the star of Quantico said.

Chopra said, “The easiest thing to take away from a woman is her work… You’re always threatened that you will not get that part or you will not get that movie or this ‘big boys club’ will get together and boycott you. So that as a woman you feel completely afraid and completely alone, you know, that this is my work and these are my dreams and these will be shattered because this big boys club is not going to let me have it.”



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