Hyderabad Corporator turns government building into personal office

Corporator turns government building into personal office

HYDERABAD: Can a Corporator turn a municipal building into her own office is the question many are asking in Musheerabad ward.

A Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) playground at Musheerabad ward has been home to volleyball coaching for more than three decades. Hundreds of players from these camps have played in state and national level tournaments.

About four years ago, the GHMC constructed a two-storey building at one end of the playground as a facility for the youth. However, Corporator of Musheerabad ward, Edla Bhagya Laxmi has made the first floor of the building into her office. “Once in a while, the Corporator or her family visits the building when the first floor is kept open, otherwise it stays shut. The building was supposed to serve as a residence for players during camps,” a source said.

Naveen Goud, who contested as an independent in the last GHMC election, says, “It is a government building which the corporator has encroached upon. The first floor of building could have been used for purposes like conducting yoga classes, chess coaching or a gym, for which there is demand. We have raised it many times with GHMC but to no avail.” The corporator couldn’t be reached over phone.

Water contaminated

Many residents in Musheerabad ward are forced to consume drinking water contaminated with sewage regularly, especially in slum areas. A woman from Mohan Nagar says, “We have been facing the problem of sewage water contaminating drinking water for months. The water smells terrible. Children in the area regularly suffer from diarrhoea. We do not boil the water before consuming it because we cannot afford so much gas on it.” Last year cases of Cholera, a waterborne disease, were reported from Bapuji Nagar slum in Musheerabad ward.

A Pulayya, a community leader from Mohan Nagar says, “The GHMC officials did a shoddy job of cleaning the drain in our area. The drain was at least four to five feet deep. Now it is filled with silt. When it rained, drain water flowed into the streets and in to people’s houses. The GHMC officials removed just a small amount of silt from the surface of the drain and left.”

Fish market causes traffic

The fish market in Musheerabad is disliked by many locals. The main reason being the traffic jams it creates during market hours. The fish sellers are forced to sell in unhygienic and congested surroundings. Waste and thermocol boxes in which fish are transported also often end up in drains.



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