Hyderabad drugs case: Lounge license suspended, warning letters to pubs & star hotels

drugs case

HYDERABAD: After a meeting with various representatives of pubs and star hotels in connection with drug abuse, Excise officials on Saturday evening declared that the license of F-Club in Film Nagar, is suspended and 14 other bars and clubs in the city were issued warning letters, as some of the bars and restaurants/pubs have become addas for sale, consumption of drugs.

The decision was taken based on the information that the investigators got about the nexus among the drug peddlers, students, some members of Tollywood, some employees of MNCs and several others.

“Pub & Bar owners/Managers of Greater Hyderabad attended a meeting with SIT officials with respect to investigation in these cases. Based on the evidence available, the department has decided to suspend the licence of “F club” with immediate effect. Warning letters have been issued to 14 other Bars and Pubs,” Special Investigation Team (SIT) officials said in a press note.

During the meeting, the Excise officials said that it is the responsibility of the establishment to make sure that none of the persons, who are visiting either their pubs/ bars should abuse drugs. Failure in controlling the issue in their premises, can led to the cancellation of the pub license.

Eversince the drug peddlers – Calvin Mascerenhas, Zeeshan, Bob and others – were arrested by Excise officials for possession of drugs, during their confessions, the Enforcement officials came to know that it was in these high profile pubs/ bars the trade of drugs has been taking place between peddlers and abusers.

It was for about a two hours, the meeting between Excise authorities and some pub/ bars, start hotels executives took place and they were explained about the investigation findings which revealed about how drugs were abused in their premises by some of the suspects or arrested persons. “They were instructed to display boards as “Sale, consumption of drugs in banned/ prohibited and everything is under surveillance,” officials said.



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