Hyderabad Traffic Cop Lay Bleeding After Hit-And-Run, No One Helped

Traffic Cop

Hyderabad: A traffic policeman hit by a car in Hyderabad on Tuesday lay dying on the road as cars and scooters passed him by without helping or even stopping. When he died in hospital today, his family donated his organs.

N Lakshman was returning home around 1.30 am when he was hit by a car. CCTV footage that has been shared online and has gone viral shows the car simply swerving and taking off. In the 45-second video, three motorbikes drive past the policeman as he lay bleeding on the road, just 200 metres from his home.

A police van finally spotted the 56-year-old and took him to hospital.

At one hospital in Secunderabad, the police team was told that insurance for state employees only covered the heart and not injuries to the head. Crucial moments were lost in the process. The critically wounded man was then taken to a second hospital, where he died.

Mr Lakshman’s family has donated his liver and kidneys.



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