Kareena Kapoor’s rant on Airport looks makes more sense than Saif Ali Khan’s open letter on Nepotism

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor at least know how to have a clear thought process. You need learn than art, Saif!

When we thought people have accepted the fact that nepotism is real and moved on, Karan Johar, Saif Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan resurrected the topic back from dead by taking a tasteless dig at Kangana Ranaut at the IIFA 2017. Since then, all we are hearing and reading are apologies and media’s over zealousness to prove that Bollywood endorses nepotism. News flash: Everyone knows that, say something new! If that wasn’t enough, Saif wrote an open letter to defend his ‘Eugenic’ and ‘Genetics’ reference to nepotism which had left everyone perplexed. He surely did a bad job at it. Now we saw a video that’s going viral of Kareena Kapoor asking media to go easy on celebs for their airport looks and there is so much Saif can learn from his begum. For one, clean explanation!

Kareena, clad in an off shoulder subtle pink gown, is looking ravishing and can be seen busy explaining why it’s so much pressure to look good always. “We should dress like normal human beings,” she roars smilingly. When asked what is her take on the airport looks, she goes all ‘Awful’. “Why should we have it? Why should we dress up to go on a flight? But there’s pressure. There has to be. Fine. But we should be as normal. You should allow us to be normal. Jeans, T-shirt… whatever!” Well, we agree. Travel needs to be comfortable. Why does airport have to turn into a red carpet or a rampwalk?

We also feel Saif can take some tips from his wife who knows how to express what she feels in simple words and not use jargons to prove a point. At the end, it turns out to be pointless. Kareena in simple words have defined what ran across our minds whenever we saw celebs walking in wearing chic outfits at the airport. At least, somebody agrees with us!



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