Karnataka to change Motor Vehicles rules to allow 100cc bikes to carry pillion riders

Motor Vehicles rules

BENGALURU: The Karnataka government is likely to amend the Karnataka Motor Vehicles Rules which prohibits pillion riding on two-wheelers with an engine capacity of less than 100cc. With nearly 25% of two-wheelers, particularly scooters used by women riders falling in this category, the state government is likely to reduce it to 50cc. Section 143 (3) of the Karnataka Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 states: ‘No pillion seat shall be attached to a motorcycle with less than 100cc engine’.

Sources in the transport department said they had proposed to amend the rule from 100cc to 50cc in 1996 but it has been delayed because of various reasons.

Transport commissioner B Dayananda told STOI, “We have to follow the recent high court order based on Karnataka Motor Vehicles Rules which does not allow pillion riding on two-wheelers less than 100cc. The ban will be applicable for new vehicles and will not have any impact on existing two-wheelers”.

He said they will soon send a proposal to the state government to re-examine the earlier move to reduce it from 100cc to 50cc.

“Many agencies have certified that the new bikes which are less than 100cc engine capacity are designed to carry pillion riders. We’ll amend the Karnataka Motor Vehicles Rules after consulting experts and also the rules followed by other states,” he said.



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