Lima she-gangster foxed cops with gutsy getaway

Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Remember the Hollywood blockbuster, Mackenna’s Gold-how the lure of yellow metal led bandits into the territory of the Apaches in Latin America. Peruvian gold hunters in the hinterland too are ready to cross the Atlantic to seek their cache of the glitter.

Lima resident Infanzon Sulca Rosa Ysabel and her two accomplices travelled half way across the globe to join hands with Nigerians to steal 3.5kg gold from a Hyderabad jeweller.

To fox Indian police, crafty woman gangster Rosa Ysabel did not enter India with her Peruvian mates, Mioranda Romero Daniel Arturo and Pacheco Rojas Percy Moises. While Daniel and Moises flew to India on April 4, Ysabel arrived on April 7. She flew to Kolkata from Lima via Dubai. Daniel touched down in Goa and Moises reached Mumbai from Lima via Dubai.

Rosa travelled to India on a tourist visa obtained in Lima, but after reaching Kolkata, she was cautious not to use her Peru SIM card to contact her aides, who had already checked into a Bangalore hotel. Rosa requested a ticket agent of a private airline in Kolkata airport to allow her to use her cell phone and texted her associates in Bangalore.

After receiving instructions from Daniel, Rosa flew to Bangalore and joined him. After reaching Bangalore, the three Peruvians used local SIMs purchased by Nigerian friends in Malviya Nagar, Delhi, to communicate.

While checking into hotels, Shoba Residency and Clara Prime Inn of Bangalore, Rosa used a forged Japanese passport with fake Indian visa. And Daniel used a forged South Korean passport with a fake Indian visa.What gives an uncanny twist to the great gold heist is Rosa’s Japanese passport was stolen in Vienna in 2011.

The gang purchased Toyota Camry for ‘2 lakh from a Bangalore vehicle dealer, Khaled alias Rasheed on April 6. After getting the vehicle serviced, three Peruvians and their Nigerian aides, Olasoju Richard Olijade alias Richard drove to Hyderabad on April 9 and checked into Hill Fort Inn Hotel in Lakdi-ka-pul giving forged passport details. After a few days, Richard re turned to Bangalore and the Peruvians robbed 3.5kg gold at 6pm on April 16 at Kukatpally.

After committing the theft, the trio switched off their cell phones and checked out of the hotel at 7.10pm. They drove back to Bangalore and after meeting Nigerian associates and handing over the car, went to IndoNepal border by road.

In this period, the accused began using two other local SIM cards and on April 20, they crossed Kakarbhitta border checkpoint to enter Nepal. They checked into Dhaka Hotel in Kakarbhitta, Jhapa. On April 24, the trio flew to Kuala Lumpur and returned to Kathmandu on May 2. The accused crossed the border to Siliguri and Darjeeling in West Bengal. After spending two days in West Bengal, they returned to Kathmandu and flew back to Kuala Lumpur on May 5.

‘May have disposed gold in Nepal’

About where the accused could have disposed the gold, Cyberabad commissioner Sandeep Shandilya said,”We suspect the Peruvians disposed the gold either in Nepal or in Bengal near Siliguri. The Japanese embassy confirmed that the forged passport used by Rosa was stolen in Vienna.”



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