Mumbai: Murder case filed against unidentified persons in Malad anchor Arpita’s death


Arpita’s sister Shweta earlier today demanded a CBI probe into her sister’s mysterious death and pointed out many flaws in the suicide theory by the police.

Two days after 25-year-old Arpita Tiwary was found dead in Malad, Mumbai Police today registered a case of murder against unidentified persons.

Arpita’s sister Shweta, who rubbished the suicide rumours, earlier today demanded a CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) probe into her sister’s mysterious death. Shweta had also pointed out many flaws in the suicide theory by the police.

Calling her sister an ambitious person, Shweta said, “She wanted to do so many things in life and achieve her goals. There was no reason for her to commit suicide. She was jovial and made friends easily”.

Arpita, who was an anchor, had also started a start-up. She was in a relationship with Pankaj Jadhav but the couple was witnessing hard times off late.

Speaking to India Today, Shweta said, “I spoke to her just two days before her death. Everything appeared fine and there was no problem at all. In fact, a day before the incident, she discussed her future plans with our father. Arpita told dad that she has good enough savings and that she wants to invest in something good”.

The fateful incident took place when Arpita and Pankaj had gone to visit a friend at Manavsthal Apartments in Malvani in the wee hours of Monday.

According to the statement by Pankaj and his friends, they released Arpita was missing only in the morning as all of them fell asleep after enjoying a small party.

The statement mentioned that one of Arpita’s friends woke up at 7 in the morning but could not find her. He looked around and found the bathroom door locked. Presuming that Arpita is inside the bathroom, he went off to sleep once again.

When he woke up an hour later, he realised Arpita hadn’t returned to her bed. Sensing that something was wrong, he woke up his friends and Pankaj started to look around for Arpita in the 15th floor apartment.

They broke open the bathroom, which was still locked, and after looking around for some time found Arpita’s body hanging at the parapet on the second floor.

The Mumbai police and fire brigade was informed and Arpita was rushed to a hospital, but she had already breathed her last.

“Something terrible must have happened in those few hours (before her death) inside the apartment. I am sure her boyfriend and the three friends know everything, they are hiding the truth. All the theories and stories given by them are false, no one will believe it. I want justice for my sister at the earliest. She cannot commit suicide. Our entire family is devastated,” said Shweta.



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