Nahargarh incident: Family in shock, rules out any link with Padmavati


While the family of Chetan Kumar Saini, who was found hanging at Nahargarh Fort on Friday, is in grief, his neighbours and relatives are in shock over the incident, especially the strange messages found written on rocks near the spot.

Everyone in the neighbourhood recalls Chetan as an obedient, sincere, introvert and peaceful man, and refutes the possibility that such messages could be written by him. “He was the eldest of the four brothers. Forget alcohol, he never used to eat even supari (betel nut). I can’t recollect when he last went for a movie, therefore linking him to the film, Padmavati, is unthinkable,” said a relative, who did not want to be named.

Chetan left home on the pretext of some work and told his wife that he will back by 9.30pm, the relative said. Chetan is survived by his wife and two children, who are below 14 years.

He said that the whole family is religious and down to earth. Chetan’s father, a mason, still wears clothes made from jute. All the brothers are polite and humble.

The police on Friday recovered the body of 40-year-old Chetan, hanging from the walls of Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur, with a message written on a nearby rock suggesting that the death was linked to the ongoing Padmavati row.

“CCTV cameras at home recorded that around 3 pm he left to pick his children on a bike, came back at 3.30pm. Thereafter left on foot in the evening,” said Kishan, a neighbour.

Another neighbour, Rajendra Sharma said that he was a family person, humble and introvert.

Chetan’s family too denied his involvement in any dispute. They said that there was no debt or conflict with anyone.

Meanwhile, friends and neighbours claimed that there was foul play in the incident.



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