No ‘dushta shaktulu’ can stop Telangana’s development: K Chandrasekhar Rao

Telangana development K Chandrasekhar Rao

HYDERABAD: From the platform of Telangana formation day celebrations, chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao sent out one message loud and clear – that no evil forces, as he often describes the Congress, can stop the development of the state.

KCR chose to read out from a prepared address which lasted for about 10 minutes. He said the ‘dushta shaktulu’ are trying to create impediments, but that will not in anyway stop the development of the state.

For most part of his address, the chief minister dwelt on the various welfare schemes that the government has introduced. “These are not being implemented anywhere else in the country,” he said.

Overall, the chief minister had farmers in mind when he spoke at the celebrations organised at Parade Grounds in Secunderabad.

“We are trying to give 24 hours free power supply to farmers this season itself,” KCR said.

The chief minister also explained in detail about the launch of KCR Kits. He said the kits for the mother and newborn baby would have 16 items and would last for three months. “We want the women to deliver healthy babies. At the same time, pregnant women’s health has to be taken care of,” the CM said. Just so that women do not have to go out for work during pregnancy, 12,000 would be given to them to compensate for the loss of wages, he said.

The chief minister began by quoting from the CAG report about the growth and increased revenue of 17.82%. “We also know about how to use our resources well for the welfare of people,” he said.

The CM said 35 schemes had been launched with 40,000 crore. “There is equity in distribution,” he said, explaining about the welfare schemes for various sections of the people.

He said the government would also provide financial assistance to those who want to shift from their traditional trades. In the education front, he said 512 residential institutions for the under-privileged and the poor had been started.

KCR announced that by December-end, all households in the state would get drinking water because of Mission Bhagiratha. He also said irrigation projects were taken up at a cost of 25,000 crore. As many as 35 lakh farmers were benefited by the crop loan waiver of 17,000 crore. He said a survey was currently on to get data from farmers about their landholdings. From next year, the government announced, it would give 8,000 per acre per farmer to purchase fertilizers. The amount will be given for any number of acres.

“Telangana State is surging forward in the IT sector and industry because of TSipass and the ease of doing business that has been facilitated,” he said.

The chief minister also took an indirect dig at Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu. “Vyavasayam dandugakadhu panduga,” he said. He explained that agriculture was not a waste thing to do but actually a celebration in itself as it can fetch money to the farmer. Some years ago, Chandrababu Naidu had made a remark that agriculture was not remunerative.

He said the entire Telangana would be divided into crop colonies and farmers would be able to cultivate and get good remunerative prices. The CM also said the third phase of Haritha Haram would begin soon, under which 230 crore saplings would be planted.

KCR said the distribution of sheep under a subsidised programme to the Yadava and Kuruma communities would begin on June 20. In all, 84 lakh sheep would be distributed. The distribution of KCR kits will begin from Saturday.

The chief minister also gave away awards to people from different walks of life for their achievements.

At the parade, a contingent from Haryana also took part. The music band contingent participated as part of the Centre’s programme to strengthen ties among states. Legislators and MPs from the TRS attended the event. The chief minister, who took the salute at the parade, also went around in a vehicle greeting the participants and contingents.



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