Overspeeding cases accelerate in Cyberabad


HYDERABAD: Over-speeding, which is fast taking over as the prime cause of fatal road accidents in the city, is accelerating at a frightening pace on roads in the city’s IT hub, figures available with the Cyberabad traffic police department indicate.

In fact, the number of over-speeding cases booked by the Cyberabad traffic cops has seen a steep year-on-year hike since 2014, and seems to have peaked in 2017 with total of 82,560 over-speeding cases being booked till date.

“We have been harsh when it comes to dealing with speeding violations. In addition to strictly issuing challans, many vehicles are also being seized. This is because over-speeding is the major cause of fatal accidents, including on the Outer Ring Road. We have identified black spots in the Cyberabad region and submitted a list to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and R&B department. A few accident-prone stretches in the Cyberabad include Cybercity junction, Kondapur junction and BHEL junction,” said A R Srinivas, deputy commissioner of police (DCP), traffic, Cyberabad.

An analysis of the latest accident data available with the Cyberabad traffic cops shows that 1,478 accidents were recorded within Cyberabad limits in the first five months of this year alone, while the figure for 2016 stood at 1,009. While 269 accidents were recorded in the region in April this year, the number shot up to 341 in May.

“If no preventive action is taken, the number of over-speeding cases will only go up further this year,” predicted Dheerendra Samineni, a road safety trainer working with NGO Safe Drive India.

“Around 70% of road accidents in the city are caused due to the driver’s fault. Hence, traffic awareness programmes must be conducted and this must start right from colleges. Another major cause is faulty road infrastructure. GHMC must immediately start work on rectifying the black spots and blind turns along the city roads,” he added.



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