Oxygen movie review highlights: The first half is filled with tropes right out of retro films


Directed by Jyothi Krishna and starring Gopichand, Anu Emmanuel, Raashi Khanna and Jagapati Babu, ‘Oxygen’ is finally here after numerous delays. The film charts the journey of a sanskaari NRI Krishna Prasad (Gopichand) who comes to India to marry Sruthi (Raashi Khanna), the daughter of Raghupati (Jagapati Babu).

The first half of the film is set in a village and filled with tropes right out of retro films. With a plot devoid of consent and filled with toxic masculinity, high-octane fight scenes, pagalu and pratikaralu , ‘Oxygen’ seems like a film that’s heading nowhere.

The Raghupati family even has a rival in the form of Veerabadram (Sayaji Shinde) who wants the family dead over a personal grudge. But turns out someone else wants the same too. But right before the interval, there’s a massive twist that comes in unexpected, driving a wedge in the storyline so far, making one think back to the events that transpired till now. Despite the massive reveal, some scenes still don’t make sense. Here’s hoping the second half has all the answers. The interval bang also gives hope that the second half will deliver where the first half failed.



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