Pakistan trying to push fresh batch of terrorists across LoC, Indian Army ready to swat BAT

Indian Army

Pakistan is desperately trying to push in fresh batch of terrorists and may use its BAT to help the militants sneak inside the Indian Territory.

Even as the Indian Army is busy flushing out terrorists from Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan is desperately trying to push in fresh batch of terrorists and may use its Border Action Team (BAT) to help the militants sneak inside the Indian Territory.

“We are seeing a heightened activity of Pakistani special forces Special Services Group along the Line of Control as they have been seen doing rounds at forward posts there,” said an Army official.

“The inputs provided by the intelligence agencies suggest that Pakistan is also mulling another BAT attack. Heightened activity of Pakistan SSG Commandos in the Poonch sector is a clear indication of their intent. Pakistan Army regulars and militants are seen conducting reconnaissance,” the sources said.

In desperate bid to keep Kashmir pot boiling, Pakistan army breaks the ceasefire as a matter of routine.

But with an aggressive strategy to take on Pakistani misadventures adopted by the Army under which the adversary is made to bear the cost.

According to the inputs received by intelligence agencies, Pakistan will try and push more terrorists to the Kashmir valley in coming days. Army headquarters sources say that at present, there are approximately 200 terrorists sitting along the LoC.

However, with its changed strategy, Indian Army is all prepared to dominate the game.

“Be it the LoC or hinterland, we will dominates the operations,” said senior south sources. Recently, a figure also showed the results of this changed strategy. The Indian Army has eliminated over a dozen intruders plus terrorists in less than a week’s time.

Sources in the Army said the force has also deployed heavy artillery including turrets of old tanks in service to target the enemy posts on the LoC in a direct firing mode.

“In such firing, a Pakistani SSG operative had been killed in the middle of May while they were having a look at Indian posts on the opposite side,” sources said.

The tanks have been loaded on solid platform and are causing destruction massively and more accurately than before.

The Army destroyed Pakistani posts opposite Naushera sector in a bid to take the war to the enemy zone which had been sitting pretty on the border without bothering to get protection from firing from the Indian side.

Till recently, only the Pakistanis would initiate action against Indian targets while Indian posts would retaliate heavily on being fired upon.

However, now the troops carry out pre-emptive strikes on Pakistani targets when they observe them preparing for attacks on Indian side or trying to push any infiltrators from there.



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