Salman Khan: Do motorbike racing only on racing circuits

Salman Khan

Superstar Salman Khan has cautioned youngsters against speeding their motorbikes on city roads and highways, saying race should be done only on racing tracks.

Salman made the remarks today at the launch event of two battery-powered bicycles under his Being Human brand on World Environment Day.

“I think cycles are okay but motorcycles are really dangerous for them (youngsters) and for other people around as well. We shoot in Film City so I see on the highway people racing recklessly.

“Earlier there used to be races at the (Bandra) reclamation (where) I lost a friend of mine. I am against that. If you want to race, do that on the racing tracks. Don’t use main roads,” he said.

Salman, along with his brother Sohail, rode on a cycle to the launch venue at Mehboob Studio from his residence in Bandra.

The ‘Dabangg’ actor confessed that since the beginning of his film career he has been excited about riding a cycle on screen, be it ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’, ‘Kick’ which continues in his upcoming ‘Tubelight’.

“My father (Salim Khan) used to teach me how to ride cycle. He was not doing that well (financially) as a writer then but still he bought a cycle for Rs 3,000, when his monthly salary was only about Rs 750-1,000,” he said.

Salman’s new film ‘Tubelight’ is due to hit screens on June 23.



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