VIDEO: Zoo officials feed live donkey to four tigers; visitors shocked to see its death


Four tigers fed on a live donkey when Chinese zoo official threw the hapless animal in the water.

A shocking incident baffled spectators at Changzhou zoo in eastern China recently when officials there allegedly fed a live donkey to four hungry tigers. The four tigers tore apart the donkey and devoured the poor animal in front of the visitors. A video of the incident has gone viral now.

The hapless animal was rendered helpless when the officials first threw it into the water and let the four tigers feast on it. The donkey tried to swim away, but was caught by another tiger behind it. The video has been widely criticised after being uploaded on YouTube. “This is the gory moment Chinese zookeepers push a live donkey into the jaws of three hungry tigers. The terrified animal can be seen clinging on for dear life as workers in raincoats push it down a ramp and off a steep ledge into a tiger compound,” the caption reads.



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