Visakhapatnam: Close call for passengers as bus falls on its side

bus falls

A major accident was averted on the NH 16 near the Port Hospital junction, when an APSRTC bus coming from Narsipatnam to Visakhapatnam fell on its side on the national highway after hitting the median, here on Monday.

About 15 passengers, including the driver, received minor injuries, and an elderly woman reportedly suffered head injuries. But due to the accident, traffic on the NH was disrupted for over an hour between Birla Junction and IV Town Police Station Junction. Later a crane had to be requisitioned to lift the bus and clear the area.

The incident happened when the bus had to veer off to the right to avoid hitting an autorickshaw that had suddenly came in front of the bus. According to Fourth Town Sub-Inspector Suresh, as per the driver of bus, he had to apply sudden brakes and steer to the right. As the road was also wet due to the incessant rain since early morning, the bus skidded and hit the median. However, the driver was unable to recall whether the auto-rickshaw came from the side road leading from the port hospital or it was plying on NH and tried to overtake the bus.

“We do not have CC camera at the Port Hospital Junction. Moreover, the passengers too dispersed from the spot after the accident. Eyewitnesses present there did not note the registration number of the auto,” said Mr. Suresh.

Officials said that they will also check whether there was any brake failure or any other problem.



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