Zakir Musa, former Hizbul commander calls on Muslims to launch Jihad against cow vigilantes

Zakir Musa

Srinagar, June 5: Zakir Musa, the militant notorious for his statements of beheading separatists leaders of Kashmir, reportedly issued a new statement on Monday and called the Muslims to launch a Jihad against cow vigilantes or Gau Rakshaks.

The statement, first of its kind from a militant, is being circulated on social media platform Whatsapp in the valley. In a four-minute audio clip, Musa calls on Muslims to oppose the violence unleashed in the name of cow protection. Musa allegedly said, “See how much blood is being spilt in the name of Gau Raksha.” Musa further added, “We will take revenge for every atrocity. Muslims of India, there is still time to emerge. Form groups and do jihad against these kafirs (infidels). Show these gau rakshaks what it means being a Muslim. Learn from your history.”

Musa, a former Hizbul Mujahidin commander was distanced by the organisation after he issued a statement to behead separatist leaders and turn Kashmir into an Islamic state. Musa, in the statement, also refused to take responsibility for the killing of Sabzar Butt. Musa was considered a successor of slain terrorist Burhan Wani but Sabzar was chosen to further the operations in the valley.

A video of masked men released earlier claimed allegiance to Zakir Musa and said they leaked the information of Sabzar Butt to the security forces. Rebutting the claims, Musa said as Hindustan Times quoted,“I don’t have to give clarifications to anybody but I want to tell these people that if you claim to be from my group then why not meet. Allow me to serve you. Come with your weapons. We will serve you well,”



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